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News Letter

In this project, it will be periodically transmitted the information related to SESPP. We hope you will find this get in the information acquisition and useful for your skill up.


Outline of This Project

The cultivation of the develop skill worker is an issue at develop countries in Asia.
Our country have know-how of the cultivation of the develop skilled workers for supporting a field site of manufacturing, this project is designed to contribute to cultivation of human resources in these developing countries by widely disseminating and enlighten to accumulated our know-how to Asian develop countries.
In particular, It aim to transfer of Japanese style’s skills evaluation system to Asian’s developing countries by holding seminar about implementation method of the national trade skill testing system and job training for the government and job training organization in developing countries, to transmit and disseminate the know-how by implement engaging educational activities of trial conducting such a Japanese national trade skill testing system and job training in local country, to promote understandings Japanese pride the mechanism of the cultivation of human resources of manufacturing works to them.

Target Countries:
Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos
To secure skilled professionals easier and raise up their economic and social status. Also, can be contributed to our economic development by securing manpower seeking for local Japanese affiliated company as well.

Flow of SESPP

Results Examples


By this project, after skill testing and practical skills test of Japanese “Machine Inspection” performed by the local mold industry association was admitted as national certification by Indonesian government, “Metal Molding Finishing” “Equipment Maintenance” “Milling Machine” “Surface Grinder” and “Plastic Casting”(2006-2013) was admitted and these 6 job trade(both grade 2 and grade 3) was implemented in Japanese practical skills test.


By this project, the cultivation of human resources responsible for the skill evaluation system has been moving ahead, and due to implement trial tests, understanding has deepened about the necessity and was established the skill test.
With regards to following 4 job trades, the practical skills test and theoretical test was implemented by Japanese style
Generally Lathe (Grade 3 from 2012, Grade 2 from 2014)
Milling (Grade 3 from 2013), Information Network Cabling (Grade 3 from 2014)
Machine Inspection(Grade 2 and 3 from 2015)